The Story of us

Shaped by experience, ambitious about projects

OpsKlaar started as an internal service of ACA IT-Solutions in 1998. As part of the infrastructure team, we gained a lot of knowledge and experience about all cloud related issues. Since the end of 2013, we have been assisting ACA IT-Solutions with working 100% in the cloud. In addition, OpsKlaar has supported many other great companies with their cloud infrastructure.

Stijn Van den Enden – Chief Technology Officer
It would be a shame to keep all this valuable cloud experience to ourselves. That's why we decided to share it with you, to successfully complete your project too!
Stijn Van den Enden

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ACA IT-Solutions
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Our mission

ACA IT-Solutions (including OpsKlaar) is a team with a mission: we want to be the best IT provider by being fanatic about maximizing customer value.

Our mission allows us to focus on and embrace quality as a key value. With a team of motivated and dedicated experts, we make sure that our offices are brimming with passion for IT.

We work relentlessly to achieve the highest customer value with solutions that are built on future-proof technology. We don’t hesitate to break new ground for innovation.

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Our values

Our values are the necessary guidelines for us to be a better company and to truly focus on customer value.

The core values of ACA IT-Solutions reflect what is truly important to OpsKlaar too. These values don't change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but they are the basic elements of our company culture.

Excellence Maximize Customer Value Flexibility Team-driven Courage Respect

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ACA IT-Solutions Podulair approach

What is a podular organization?

A pod is a small, autonomous unit that is enabled and empowered to deliver the things that customers value.

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The right team for your cloud

OpsKlaar understands the challenges that surround new tools and technology. That's why our team of experts makes sure to set you up for success.

We offer you access to the best cloud providers, because we believe that only the best is good enough for our customers.

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Do you like to keep learning? Have a sense of humor? Want to be part of a fun, driven team brimming with passion for the cloud? Nice! Let us know how you see yourself adding value to our team.

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