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How OpsKlaar gave SalesCre8 high availability & more scalability

Case SalesCre8

What do all companies using software solutions and platforms have in common? The answer isn't that difficult... They all need high availability, scalability and security for their IT infrastructure. In a global market such as the automotive industry, however, this is even more important.

"We offer services worldwide in many different time zones, from Brazil to the Ural Mountains. So SAM, our customized IT solution for vehicle management operations, needs to be available 24/7,"

Diederik Delen, Managing Director at SalesCre8, explains one of their main challenges. "The security standards of our hardware also need to be top-notch, so we can protect the data of our clients, such as constructors and large dealer organizations." On top of that, the automotive industry in general is booming and needs more software capacity to keep track of the growing car park.

Variability in the workloads Wanted: first-rate IT infrastructure

"The moment we bought SAM from VAB Fleet Services was the perfect opportunity to bring our IT infrastructure up-to-date with our new, first-rate IT solution," Diederik continues. "After years of collaboration, we trusted ACA IT-Solutions completely with our software platform. The OpsKlaar team already knew all about our requirements!"

Diederik Delen – Managing Director at SalesCre8
After years of collaboration, we trusted ACA IT-Solutions completely with our software platform. The OpsKlaar team already knew all about our requirements!
Diederik Delen

AWS & its services

SalesCre8 and OpsKlaar chose AWS as the basis for the SAM platform, because it offers many interesting services.

OpsKlaar is AWS Partner

"Amazon S3 Buckets gives SalesCre8 the necessary cloud storage to grow along with the needs of their organization. This package also includes high data durability," Stijn Van den Enden from OpsKlaar clarifies. "The OpsKlaar team also built a highly secure environment for our client on top of Amazon VPC. AWS Lambda, in turn, significantly reduces the administrative costs for SalesCre8."

Kubernetes: what's in a name?

Together with the OpsKlaar team, SalesCre8 decided on Kubernetes as a cluster manager on top of AWS. This decision was based on the core needs for their business: availability, scalability and security. "Kubernetes is a great orchestration tool for cloud management, but applications do need to meet some requirements to use it. For SalesCre8, though, it's the perfect solution!" Stijn tells us.

"First of all, Kubernetes made it so much easier to move the entire AWS infrastructure from Ireland to Frankfurt after the sale of the SAM platform," Stijn starts pointing out the advantages. "If SaleCre8 gets new clients and needs to scale its loads quickly, Kubernetes is immediately on top of it! Thanks to automated container deployment, the tool soon discovers which containers are available for new loads. This makes the resource usage much more efficient."

On top of these benefits, the infrastructure costs of SalesCre8 become more profitable by increasing the user rates of the servers. Deploying their apps is also more efficient with Kubernetes. A/B testing and blue-green deployments, for example, make sure that the applications can be tested faster. Last but certainly not least, Kubernetes helps SalesCre8 with even better securing their software.

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The result? Everything a company might ever dream of.

"It's very important to us that the SAM platform is available 24/7 to our clients all over the world. They shouldn't have to worry about the availability or scalability of our software solution," Diederik from SalesCre8 tells us. Thanks to their new IT infrastructure, this has now become reality. SalesCre8 clients can use the platform without a hitch, because OpsKlaar has a delivery network available for them at all times. Quick performance tuning is not a problem at all anymore!

"At SalesCre8, we make sure that our software meets the highest security requirements. Amazon VPC, in turn, entirely secures the hardware component, by shielding our cloud from other people. This way, we prevent the data of our clients from falling into the wrong hands," Diederik Delen further explains the advantages of their new cloud environment. "On top of that, OpsKlaar monitors our entire IT infrastructure. This is a great relief to us, because we don't have to worry about it anymore. Our partner guarantees that everything runs smoothly."

As you can see, the SalesCre8 cloud infrastructure has everything a company might dream of:

  • High availability (24/7)
  • Quick scalability
  • Entirely secure software
  • Daily monitoring

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