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Stijn Van den Enden
Chief Technology Officer
Photo Stijn Van den Enden
Peter Jans
Business Development Manager
Photo Peter Jans
Jeroen Hartgers
System Engineer
Photo Jeroen Hartgers
Jan Beerden
System Engineer
Photo Jan Beerden
Kris Broekx
System Engineer
Photo Kris Broekx
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Our Mission:
Through excellent communication and a great customized solution, we want maximize customer value for your company.
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Our Values:
Our values are the necessary guidelines for us to be a better consulting company and to truly focus on customer value.
Bregt Coenen
System Engineer
Photo Bregt Coenen
Abdulkadir Yavuz
System Engineer
Photo Abdulkadir Yavuz
Ugur Akkar
System Engineer
Photo Ugur Akkar
Jorn Lasker
System Engineer
Photo Jorn Lasker

Certified AWS engineers OpsKlaar Certified AWS Engineers

As an official AWS partner with years of experience in cloud computing, OpsKlaar is specialized in Amazon Web Services. According to the renowned Gartner, it is the best cloud provider in the world. Our team consists of qualified and trained AWS engineers that focus on creating added value for you. That's also the reason why we are always looking for new trainings and events to improve the expertise of our team members.

It's only normal that all system engineers at OpsKlaar share a passion for the cloud.

Peter Jans – Business Development Manager
We love setting up complex cloud infrastructures, optimizing existing structures and securing or automating a cloud environment. And we're ready for your questions too!
Peter Jans
OpsKlaar engineers are AWS certified
OpsKlaar is AWS Partner

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